There is a sacred agreement between Earth and all of her creatures. We can never escape it because we are truly an essential part of one another. This ancient agreement is based on the tangible laws of reciprocity. Every action has a reaction. When we recognize and act in accord with this basic understanding, our world is in a state of harmony. We embody a profound trust because we take care of one another in turn.


If we surrendered to earth's intelligence
we could rise up rooted, like trees.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~

Eila Carrico: Author, educator, Apprentice to the Plants and Emissary for Deep Ecology

Eila evokes her profound love of archetypal and somatic psychology, dream medicine, mythology, deep ecology, and practices in indigenous earth wisdom traditions into powerful, embodied explorations that are wild water for a parched soul. Her offerings are designed to invite humanity back into a felt sense of inherent connection and dynamic relationship with the pulsing web of life.

Eila spent the first decade of her professional life as a seeker and student, gathering understanding of the Elements from Chinese Medicine (MSTCM), exploring myths and archetypal forces in the human psyche in Engaged World Psychology (MA), and refining her ability to articulate the ineffable experience of embodiment in Creative Writing and Consciousness (MFA). She completed her first book,  The Other Side of the River: Stories of Women, Water and the World, in 2015 (Womancraft Publishing), and continues to work on her upcoming titles.

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Imagination in service to Liberation.

We find ourselves facing unprecedented challenges in this modern era, and the solutions, in turn, must be comparatively radical. Breeze at Dawn is dedicated to shifting paradigms and reminding us as a species of our interconnection with nature and her creatures. Something primal, visceral and wild in you knows the truth of your ancestral wisdom, but you may have simply forgotten. In this age of amnesia, we will show you where to begin the profound task of weaving yourself back into alignment with the collective story of a harmonious, thriving future.


Why I write.


I am curious

about the place where solid land gives way to fluid water; the moment land leaps the horizon to dissolve into sky; and the magic of blue sky turning to mysterious space.

I am enchanted

by borders and edges, in the natural world as well as in the human body.

As an artist, I create to engage and embody these liminal places.

I am committed

to mythic living, a way of consciously living into the magical symbols that surround us. My writing draws on my experience with body-based practices, my lidless curiosity, and respect for the natural world, my passion for women's liberation, and my love of myth and story.

I am a storyteller.

I write to explore, to understand our world, and to imagine new worlds.

I warmly invite you on this journey into the unknown with me. ~Eila