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WIld Imagination. Practical Wisdom.

Radical Freedom.


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Plant Wild Poetry

There is ancient magic that lives inside you, and this magic is calling you home; home to your body and that place that makes you feel completely alive as an inherently connected force of nature.

Plant Wild Poetry invites you to fulfill the infinite potential of your dreaming heart and live an enchanted life in harmony with your own destiny path and with all beings.

Through books, counseling, workshops, and service, we take action through our words and our choices. We are a community ready to make changes in support of the great turning of the ages.

Wild Imagination. Practical Wisdom. Radical Freedom.

We invite you to Plant Wild Poetry.


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Re-Enchant Your Daily Life.

Indigenous cosmologies around the world agree that a proper relationship between the individual, community and the natural world is essential to sustain life. Breeze at Dawn was founded with the purpose of restoring right relationship between the elements of self and nature.

With daily application and practical solutions to modern distractions, we support you in restoring and illuminating both inner and outer landscapes, re-enchanting the terrain of your psyche through creative written expression, and empowering you into direct relationship with nature through the introduction of powerful plant allies.

Imagine a life in harmony. This is where that new story will be illuminated. Read about our mission here. Browse our titles here, and learn more about our course offerings here.


The elements of Magical Writing: Anchor your Writing Practice


Primal Voice of Creativity: Oral Storytelling

The Sacred Agreement: Plant Wisdom


Imagination as liberation

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Los Andes


We are based in the southern end of magical mountain chain that transverses North and South America; nestled in the willow and acacia trees of rural central Colombia. Contact to book a session or find our entire schedule here.

The Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learned to ask.
— Nancy Wynne Newhall